Bulldog Must Know Information

Activity Requirements

Bulldogs don't need a lot of vigorous activity, and in fact should not be exercised too hard in hot weather. Despite their love of relaxation, Bulldogs should be walked regularly to keep them in shape, as obesity can be a problem. Apartments and condos can make a Bulldog just as happy as a house with a big yard. They are easygoing creatures and are highly inactive when indoors, so the size of the home is never an issue for Bulldogs, as long as they have a nice place to sleep.


Bulldogs are stubborn and can be a challenge to train. Food and positive reinforcement are the only two methods that should ever be employed with this breed, as a heavy hand will get you nowhere.

Behavioral Traits

Despite their general easy-going attitude, food aggression is a problem with many Bulldogs. They love to eat and no one should ever mess with a Bulldog and his dinner. Children should be taught to stay away and other animals should not be fed in the same area as a Bulldog.

Dog aggression can be another problem with Bulldogs. If raised along side another dog, they should be fine, but males tend to exhibit aggression as adults, especially toward other males. Bulldogs should be socialized around other dogs as early as possible.

If snoring, grunting, snorting, drooling and flatulence bother you, then a Bulldog is not right for you. They exhibit all of the above traits – to excess.